Severin Crepe CM 2198

Power: 1000 WBaking mode: At 6 levelsMaximum number of crepes: 1Safety: Anti-slip base Thermoplastic handleSpatula dough spread stickSpace economy: Cable storage Vertical storageSlabs: Slab diameter 30 cmBlack color..

Severin Egg Kettle 3050

ower (in Watt) 400Maximum number of eggs 6Sound completion signalRemovable discTransparent cover..

Severin Electric Knife EM-3965

100w electric hand knife Sliding safety button Finger protection Release button for knivesKnife blades suitable for dishwasher..

Severin Filter Coffee Maker KA 4497

1000 W 10 cups Rotating filter case With flow stop Water level indicators Operating light with indicator light Automatic shutdown..

Severin Hob Portable Burner DK 1042

White color Power: 2500 W. Particularly heat resistant Heating elements: 15.5 cm approx. 1000 W  18.5 cm, approx. 1500 W Continuous temperature control switch Indicative lamps..

Severin Hob Portable Burner KP 1091

Power: about 1500 W.Color that withstands high heatHeating element with a diameter of about 18.5 cmStage-free temperature controlBright indicator..

Severin Juicer ES 3566

Power (Watt): 400 wattsJar capacity: 500 mlSpeeds: 2Color: Inox-black..

Severin Microwave MW7890

Capacity: 20 Lt.Power: 700 W5 different power settingsDefrost function35minute timer with audible signalRotary switch with chrome elements25.4 cm diameter plate (removable)Heat resistant..

Severin Popcorn Machine PC 3751

Power 1200 W.Automatic popcorn makerReady-made popcorn with hot air (No oils) in about 2.5 minutesTransparent lid with built-in reception cupLighting switchNon-slip feet..

Severin Rechargeable Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Liquid & Solid HV 7144

7.4V Li-On battery It has a 12V Adapter for use in the Car Dust Pot Capacity 200ml Liquid Capacity Capacity 100ml Indicative charging light Operating time 18 minutes..

Severin Squeezer CP 3535

Power: 85 WattAutomatic start with cone pressure, practical right left barrel for perfect juice yieldIndividually adjustable fruit flesh contentTwo different sizes of pressure cones for large and small fruitsEasy to clean due to removable individual componentsXXL juice container for up to 1.0 liters of freshly squeezed juiceDouble sided units suitable for right and left hand..

Severin Steam Iron BA 3234

Power 1000 WFor steam ironing and dry ironingVertical steamStainless steel plateAdditional steam modeVariable thermostatBright indicatorFolding handleTransparent water tankThermal safety switch..

Severin Travel Hairdryer HT0156

Power 1200w Folding handle for easy transport Suspension hook Global use with any trend 2 Speed and temperature combinations..

Severin Ηairdryer HT0174

Power: 2,000 W Color: White-Purple 2 power / heat levels Cold level Removable styling nozzle Removable Physuna..

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