Electric ovens

Davoline Portable oven DAVOLINO 1500 PLUS

Capacity: 22 lt Total power: 1500 W Grill power: 1100 W Enameled baking tray, grill & deep baking tray Stainless steel resistors up and down Double glass in accordance with norm A13 60 minute timer Dimensions: 30 x 47.5x 37 cm Color: inox with black details ..

Davoline Portable oven EC 150 CHEF WH

Capacity: 28 lt Total power: 1150 W Grill power: 1000 W Enameled oven Perfect thermal insulation with triple crystal door Continuous temperature adjustment Final thermostat MAX 220 ° C Color: white Griddle: 39.8 x 29.2 cm Dimensions (LV): 32x57x35.5 ..

Davoline Portable oven Star 1506

Capacity: 38 lt Total power: 1200 W Grill power: 1100 W Enamel oven 2 functions (upper / lower resistance & grill) "Cool Touch" double crystal door Removable crystal for easy cleaning Innovative design to avoid yellowing Timer 120min. with manual operation Deep pan 10 lt Rack Black color Dimensions (HW): 33 x 57 x 51.5 cm. Optional: oven lamp & air function ..

Delonghi Oven EO 20792

Oven power 1300 W Capacity 20 Lt (Fits a round pan 30cm) Adjustable thermostat from 80 - 200. C Cooking functions 7 (air baking, traditional oven: top and bottom resistance, slow cooking for well-cooked food, grill, special accessory (spit) for grilled chicken, defrosting, chamber operation) Baking with air Distributes evenly the hot air in the oven cavity and allows baking at two levels simultaneously Spit piece for grilled chicken, with easily placed spit with handle Non-stick wa..

Delonghi Oven EO12012

Maximum power 1400 W. Capacity 12 lt Grill power 600 W Cooking functions 3 (Traditional oven, top and bottom resistance, grill, bottom baking) With PTFE coating resistant to high heat and scratches Double door glass Thermo Shield that prevents heat leakage 120-minute timer with automatic shutdown and audible alert Adjustable thermostat from 60 - 220. C Grilled is included White color ..

Moulinex Electric Oven Optimo Black OX4448

Power: 1380 Watt Capacity: 19lt Thermostat up to 240. C Timer up to 120 minutes Stainless steel handle and switches with glossy inox finish A pan and grill included 6 baking programs Frosting function Oven dimensions: 32.5x24.5x22.6cm External dimensions (LxWxH): 43x26x26cm ..

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