Hobby Multi-oven HCO-40359

• Power 1400watt • 60 minute timer • Accessories 2 tweezers and extension ring • Capacity 17Liters • Operating lights and thermostat • Thermostat up to 250 ° C ..

Hobby Multifunctional Robot TS-460

Power 1400Watt Handle with safety switch Extension crown, 2 grills and tweezers Refractory glass container and plastic base Capacity 12lt It does not produce smoke in cooking / thaws frozen foods Adjustable thermostat 65-250 C 60 min timer It retains its natural taste and appearance while cooking evenly High energy efficiency - completes cooking in 20 min He cooks different dishes (top and bottom grill) at the same time Bright indicators of operation and tempe..

Hobby Multifunctional Robot TS-470

Economical and ecological cooking Fast cooking and heating It does not produce smoke and thaws Capacity 12lt Refractory glass container & plastic base Extension wreath, 2 grills, tweezers, frying pan, basket for french fries, steamer & souvlaki accessories Handle with safety switch Adjustable thermostat 65-250. C 60 'timer and self-cleaning function Maximum power: 1400 W. ..

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