Braun Squeezer Tribute Collection CJ 3050

Power: 60 Watt Capacity: No container Continuous Flow Waste Collection Container: Available Filter: Not available Automatic Shutdown Color: White Additionally: Flow stop ..

Hobby Squeezer HCJ 40362 / 40363

• Power 40W • Stop flow • With stainless steel outer body • Continuous flow of juice directly into your glass • Color: White /Silver, Black /Silver ..

Kenwood Squeezer JE290

Power (Watt) 40 watts 1L jug capacity With two-way rotation for better fruit juicing Stainless steel filter Transparent jug with spout for ease of use Detachable parts that go into the dishwasher Ideal for all kinds of fruits With dust cover Cable storage capability ..

Moulinex Squeezer Ultracompact PC1208

Power 25 Watt 0.5 L capacity jug Automatic On / Off function Detachable parts can be washed in the dishwasher Rotate the cone on both sides Protective cap It has The cable is stored on the device Black color ..

Moulinex Squeezer Vitapress Direct PC603

Power: 100 Watt Amazing design! Inox color! Juice directly in your glass! squeezers Variety of juices thanks to the 3 squeezing cones 3 cones (lemon, orange, grapefruit) Automatic on / off mode: detects fruit pressure Drop stop when you move the spout Protective cover Care for easy installation of your glass The plastic parts are washed in the dishwasher ..

Moulinex Squeezer Vitapress PC302B

Maximum power: 25 Watt Juice container: Yes Juice container capacity: 1 Lt. Accessories for washing in the dishwasher: Yes Easy to clean: Yes Protective cap Automatic On / Off function: Understands fruit pressure Rotate the cone on both sides The cable is stored on the device Color: White / Gray ..

Philips Avance Collection Squeezer HR2752/90

85 W citrus scrubber, Free flow, Silent mode, Protection against drips and dust protection. ..

Philips Daily Collection Squeezer R2738/00

25W citrus raptor, Double directioned, Jug capacity of 0.5 lt. ..

Severin Squeezer CP 3535

Power: 85 Watt Automatic start with cone pressure, practical right left barrel for perfect juice yield Individually adjustable fruit flesh content Two different sizes of pressure cones for large and small fruits Easy to clean due to removable individual components XXL juice container for up to 1.0 liters of freshly squeezed juice Double sided units suitable for right and left hand ..

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