Moulinex PolymIxer Double Force FP8221

Power: 1000Watt Two motor outputs for optimal torque and speed in each bowl Two bowl locations: For right-handed and left-handed users 2 speed and pulse speeds, 2 motor outputs: 6 adjustment options for all types of preparations Includes 8 accessories Cutting disc storage container 2 reversible stainless steel cutting discs. For fine / coarse cutting / crushing Dairy mixing tray Double stainless steel knife Yeast Spatula Bowl 28 different functions Fragmentation bowl capaci..

Philips Avance Collection Food processor HR7776/90

Multimixer with powerful 1300 W motor, With 3.4 lt tank and 2.2 lt blender for family portions, XL + Feeder which can hold whole fruits and vegetables, 12 speeds and instant, Double eggplant, 30+ functions, Washable parts in the washing machine Supports a wide range of optional accessories, Power Chop Technology. ..

Philips Daily Collection Polymer HR7310 / 00

With 700 W motor 1.5 L processing container for creating up to 5 servings Packing all in one for kneading, mixing, chopping and slicing vegetables and fruits, large feed tube that holds whole fruits and vegetables Easy assembly of components, Washable parts in the washing machine. ..

Philips Viva Collection Polymer HR7530-10

Power: 850 W Main bucket capacity: 2.1 lt Blender with a capacity of 1.5 lt "S-Blade" cutter Stirrer 2 double sided stainless steel trays Lemon squeezer Fermentation component 2 speeds and Pulse function Cutting and slicing vegetables and fruits Power supply XXL The components are dishwasher safe Black color ..

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