Moulinex Blender Blendforce LM4201

Power: 600W 2 Speeds & pulse Cable storage Ease of cleaning with two clicks High quality 2L plastic jug (1.25L drink) Air cooling system: Specially designed motor with ventilation to avoid overheating It has 4 removable blades ..

Moulinex Blender Blendforce LM4358

Power: 800 Watt Capacity: 1.75 Lt. Powelix technology: For perfect results up to 30% faster Smart lock function. For easy mixing every day with 3 moves Base suction cups: Provide stability to the blender Ergonomic handle and rough texture around the power switch: For comfort and ease of use Material bowl: Glass Black color Dimensions (W x H x B): 20.7 x 40.2 x 17.5 cm ..

Moulinex Blender LM1A0D10

Power 300W Single container blender with a capacity of 600 ml and easy lid opening Made of high strength stainless steel, easy to use in three simple steps: Fill, tap and ready 4 stainless steel blades for better mixing Thanks to its practical bottle, you can enjoy more fresh fruits and vegetables every day and get your juices anywhere. Comfortable use very intuitive cleaning and assembly Dimensions: 15.9 x 23.2 x 22 cm ..

Moulinex Blender Perfect Mix LM811D

Power: 1200 Watt Capacity: 2 lt Speeds: 3 Glass jug: It has Possibility of ice crushing: Yes Color: Inox ..

Philips Blender HR2224/00

Power 800 W Capacity 2lt Glass Jug No. Additional features Smoothie Maker Color White Ice Crushing Yes ..

Philips Blender HR3573/90

Power (in Watt) 1000 Pulse mode Yes Capacity (in liters) 2 Glass jug construction material Jug resistance to temperature changes Yes Possibility of ice crushing Yes ..

Philips Blender HR3663/90

Power 1400 W Capacity 2.2 lt Glass Jug No. Smoothie Maker Black color Ice Crushing No ..

Philips Blender HR3756/00

Power (in Watt) 1400 Pulse mode Yes Capacity (in liters) 1.8 Plastic jug construction material Possibility of ice crushing Yes  ..

Philips Daily Collection Blender HR2106/00

Powerful 400 W High quality glass jar Mini cutter for chopping soft materials Multiple speeds for soft and hard materials All parts are dishwasher safe Color White Speed adjustment: 2 and pulse Max jar capacity: 1.5 l Mini cutter Capacity: 120 ml ..

Philips Viva Collection Blender HR2100/00

Blender 400 W compact size, Unbreakable plastic jug with capacity of 1.5 lt, Multiple speeds + instant, ProBlend Blade Technology 4 ..

Philips Viva Collection Blender HR2156/90

Blender 600 W, Ideal for crushing ice 20% faster, Unbreakable 2L Tritan jug with level indicator, Adjustable speeds + instant, It doesn't smell - it doesn't stain Washable in dishwasher, ProBlend5 blade technology for efficient blending ..

Philips Viva Collection Blender HR3556/00

Blender 900 W, Adjustable speeds + instant, 2lt glass jug with level indicator and handle, Extra special 0.6lt bottle with nozzle to enjoy smoothies and on the go, ProBlend6 blade technology for optimum blending effect, Automatic shutdown for security, Device material: stainless steel, The detachable parts are washed in the washer. ..

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