Portable burners

Davoline Hob Portable Burner K 6622

Table fireplace Power: 450 W Diameter: Ø 80 mm Color: white Dimensions: 4x22x12 cm ..

Davoline Hob Portable Burner K 6633

Table fireplace Power: 1500 W Diameter: Ø 180 mm Color: white Dimensions (YPC): 7,5x26x25,5 cm ..

Davoline Hob Portable Burner K 6644

Table fireplace Power: 1500 + 450 W Diameter: Ø 180 mm, Ø 80 mm Color: white Dimensions (YPC): 7,5x48x25 cm ..

Hobby Coffee Electric Stove HP40372, HP40373

500 W power Type of Stove Enamel Switch Type Rotary Black color ..

Severin Hob Portable Burner DK 1042

White color Power: 2500 W. Particularly heat resistant Heating elements: 15.5 cm approx. 1000 W  18.5 cm, approx. 1500 W Continuous temperature control switch Indicative lamps ..

Severin Hob Portable Burner KP 1091

Power: about 1500 W. Color that withstands high heat Heating element with a diameter of about 18.5 cm Stage-free temperature control Bright indicator ..

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