Electric blankets

Hobby Single Substrate HEB-81041

• Substrate dimensions: 80 x 150cm. • Temperature regulator• 3 heating levels: Low, Medium, High• The electrical substrate can be washed in the washing machine at 30 ° C• Detachable control• Automatic shutdown of the substrate in case of overheating• Operation indicator light• Power: 60W ..

Hobby Double Substrate HEB-81042

Substrate dimensions: 160 x 140cm. Power: 120W (60W + 60W) Two temperature regulators: The electrical substrate is divided in half (right & left side. Heating levels: Low, Medium, High There is an option for each side to develop an autonomous temperature from the respective regulator) Machine washable at 30 ° C Automatic shutdown of the substrate in case of overheating Detachable controls Operation indicator light ..

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