Oil-filled radiator

Delonghi Oil radiator TRD1025

Power 2500 watt Heating scales 3 heating settings: 1100 -1400- 2500W This year 10 Coverage Ideal for spaces up to 75m³ or 29m² Space thermostat for selecting and maintaining the desired temperature Security thermostat Antifreeze operation Operation indicator light It has wheels and a handle for easy transport Cable storage ..

Tesy Oil Radiator Series CB

Up to 40% larger heating area * Three power levels Convective and radiation heating Light indicator Adjustable thermostat Frost protection Protection against overheating Dump protection Fast heating and quiet operation Protective heating element from pet hair. The hairs cannot reach it to damage it heating element. Cable storage spool ..

Tesy Oil Radiator Series CC

Up to 65% faster and more efficient room heating Design without sharp edges - a unique form of construction, featuring soft exterior design, with care for your safety Over 35% higher level of convective heat exchange, compared to convectional radiators Three power settings Convection and radiant heating effect Light indicator Adjustable thermoregulator Anti-frost protection Overheating protection Fast heating and Silent operation Safe surface temperature for chil..

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